Civil Lawyer In Pakistan

From intellectual property issues to wrongful death and construction litigation to commercial contract disputes, our civil lawyers are experts in handling large cases involving voluminous documents.

Substantial Knowledge in Handling Civil and Commercial Disputes

With decades of expertise and knowledge in legal civil affairs, our fierce negotiators at H&H Law firm provide efficient solutions to all the problems you are facing. We regularly handle defamation cases, frauds, payments demands, and different complex problems that make your life hell. Our areas of expertise in civil law are:

  • Business litigation
  • Construction litigation 
  • Insurance disputes
  • Arbitration
  • Personal injury
  • Employment litigation
  • Recovering damages
  • Collection of unpaid debts

What Makes us Your Preferred Civil Law Firm?

Our dedicated team of civil lawyers can help you in all matters including breach of contract, property affairs, or personal injury. Here are some benefits of choosing us:

Professional and licensed lawyers

Years of expertise

Fair and equal approach

100% successful final proceedings

Affordable costs of hiring

Transparent procedures

Free Consultation and Make an Appointment

Frequently Ask Question


What is Civil law?

Civil law deals with matters that involve some injury either to a person or his property. Examples include defamation, property damage, wrongful death, and others.


Is divorce also a civil case?

Yes, the wife can also file for divorce and it is included in the category of a civil case.


Do you deal with every type of civil law?

Yes, there are four main types of civil law such as contracts, property, family relations, and civil wrongs. And we deal with every type with dedication and effort.


How can I hire a lawyer?

Call our experts today, discuss your situation and we will provide you with a lawyer that best understands your case so you could proceed efficiently.