Criminal Lawyer In Pakistan

Accused of misdemeanor or burglary crimes? Our group of criminal lawyers can assist you in fighting all minor or major criminal offenses.

Skillfully Advocating Number of Criminal Litigations

Whether you need a criminal prosecutor or a criminal defense attorney, H&H Law firm is here to provide its legal advice and services as the lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with all kinds of criminal offenses, such as:

  • Child abuse
  • Gun crimes
  • Violent crimes and offenses
  • Sexual assault and trafficking
  • Burglaries and theft
  • Property claims
  • Financial crimes
  • Drugs cases

Why Choose us as Your Criminal Lawyers?

There are lots of reasons to choose us as your criminal lawyers, such as:

Great understanding of the judicial system

Protect your future

Stable relationships with prosecutors

Save your time and money

Experience in dealing with similar cases

Advise you on positive outcomes

Free Consultation and Make an Appointment

Frequently Ask Question


Why should I hire a criminal lawyer for even minor crimes?

Hiring a criminal lawyer is a great step as they have the knowledge and expertise to successfully navigate all the legal procedures and systems.


Can you help people deal with serious murder and sexual assault charges?

Yes, of course. We have been doing this for a decade. We can help you with all kinds of serious criminal offenses including murder and sexual assault.


What qualities do your criminal lawyers possess?

Our criminal lawyers have excellent negotiation skills, they have extensive knowledge in every crime area, they have perseverance, aggressiveness, and great communication skills.


How can I get started?

Contact our experts, share your requirements, and discuss each point openly with our lawyers. We will give you the right advice to follow and the exact estimates to begin.